Thursday, October 11, 2007

What a morning :/

I have been excited to take my daughter to this particular storytime for a while now. It's in a town I'm not familiar with, but it's a small one, so I thought no problem trying to find the library. Well, we got ready, left, and got to the town. First, I drove (and drove and drove) until I passed the golf course. Ok, time to turn back around and go the other way.I went back and found the old part of the downtown. Then I drove..and drove..and passed a farm. Then from the back seat I hear *cough cough blech.* So, I pull over and clean her up the best I can. Then when we got back on the road I hear a pathetic, pleading, wibwawy mama, wibwawy. I felt so bad :( I wound up just coming back home.